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Association Ratings

Anchorage Area Senators

Key to Star Ratings

Ratings are based on support for the UAA operating budget and support for capital projects. Ratings are based on the last three years.

A three star supporter of UAA plus:

Sponsor or cosponsor of favorable legislation or appropriations that pass.

A two star supporter of UAA plus:
Speaks out on behalf of UAA.
Support of UAA in newsletters, emails, or other media.
Sponsor or Cosponsor of favorable legislation or appropriations.

A one star supporter of UAA plus:
Stays informed on UA issues.
Comes to Campus Events.
Meets with UAA Faculty and Staff Association.
May have a UA student intern or UA graduate on staff.
Evidence of supportive work on House or Senate committees.

Supporter of UAA.
Votes for Operating and Capital Budgets.

Not supportive of UAA

Not yet rated

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